About us

Salentec is an innovative SME founded in 2005 by a team of reaserchers and engineers of Salento University (Italy).

Our company deals with developement and transfer of technological innovations  and provisions of technical and industrial services in the field of materials engineering.

Since 2009 Salentec operates in the biomedical field. The company headquarter is located in Lecce, on a 1500m2 site equipped with high technology production plants and R&D laboratories and facilities; here, everyday, highly skilled people of our staff work proficiently to guarantee the top quality of our products.

Salentec produces primary packaging in techno-polymer for biomedical and pharmaceutical field,
for the injection of emulsions, suspensions, high viscosity gels, dermal fillers, cements and bone substitutes.  

Our strengths

Thanks to an efficient organization, Salentec is able to rapidly take charge and satisfy every request  of new product or modifications, variations, integrations of existing  processes/products.

The wide know-how in materials engineering and in the industrial design allow us to comprehensively support our customer, from the choice of materials to the aesthetic and functional design of the final device.

The long year experience in the field of injection molding of technopolymers allows us to reach the highest qualitative standard of  the products.

Each production step is designed and performed in compliance with the applicable quality management certified systems (ISO 9001, ISO 13485), to ensure full safety and traceability of products.


Dott. Antonio Licciulli​

Company co-founder &
Chief Innovation Officer

Ing. Antonio Chiechi​

Company co-founder &
Chief Production Officer

Dott.ssa Daniela Diso​

Company co-founder &
Chief Quality Officer

Ing. Maurizio Fersini

Company co-founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Ing. Sergio Franza

Company co-founder &
Chief Operating Officer